Do you love Paris, do you like sound of the French language? Then you have to go there and stay even for a short while, for one night. And this became the one of the most beautyful nights in your lifetime.

Night in Paris

Are you looking for weekend escapade with your wife or girlfriend to the most romantic city in the world? It has to be Paris, the capital city of France - county in heart of the Europe. You will spend the most lovely night in your life there and love of any girl will be yours forever, if you prepare it in right way.

First of all, if you will be there in the evening, you have a list of so popular places, that you can't avoid - you have to visit at least one of them, without that you will don't know what the Paris really is, so pick up your choice:

1. Eiffel Tower
2. Champs Elysees
3. Arc de Triomphe
4. Trocadero Square is must to see best external view of the Eiffel Tower
5. Louvre Museum
6. Seine River Cruise
7. Versailles

Ok, enough for now, it is impossible to see everything in one evening, night, weekend - even a whole week is to short. And even if you will go there for a month, you can explore Paris every day discovering unique and breath taking places, squares, parks, streets, restaurants - and friendly and helpful people everywhere you go. It is sure, that single visit will make you feel you want back again and again (so watch out, this is highly addictive city :).

So wide and rich offer for tourists makes it easy to find good way thorough Paris for every wallet.

Our cruise will be countinued, so stay tuned

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