Do you love Paris, do you like sound of the French language? Then you have to go there and stay even for a short while, for one night. And this became the one of the most beautyful nights in your lifetime.

Taylor Hotel

Very nice video ad movie of Hotel Tailor (**) in Paris.

Don't need a guide?

Paris is like heaven. So you can ask yourself sometimes: what is the use of any guides, if there every single hotel have to be great! Oh, this is very true, but misleading also... Different people have different taste, so good looking hotel for the one, will be not suitable for the other one, and that's why we always should check conditions before we put money in the booking, especially if that will be longer than a single night in Paris. A little irritable thing for short time can grow into big monster in longer period, destroying every pleasure of being there. So check it before you pay, to not get into something like this:

Streets of Paris

Let's walk along the Paris streets

Disneyland hotel Paris

If you expect unusual experience and want to have fun as you were a child, consider then visiting Disnelyand hotel. It's just by Disneyland park, so you can spend whole day and night in the Disney's magic world. And look there! What kind of guests stay there, door by door with you :).

Mariah Carey in Paris Hotel

Look what a hullabaloo when Mariah Carey comes into Hotel de Crillon in Paris! This is amateur video footage. Look like beeing there...

Gavarni Hotel

Don't want be contemporary anymore? Let's play antiquated one with your queen or king.

Le marquis hotel

Multicultural melting pot where modern and classic line meets elegance and fragile pounce of architecture.

Moliere hotel

Where you can find some positive energy and good vibrations? The Moliere hotel is a free flow of brightness. But watch out! You probably will don't want to stay anywhere else after this visit.

Marriott Rive Gauche hotel

Need to meet someone? Business partner? This is a place for advantageous business negotiations. Let's do some money in good atmosphere.

d'Albe Saint Michel hotel

Tired of classic, old design? d'Albe Saint will offer you a touch of modern interiors for dynamic and active people and affordable prices in the middle of the city. Best for quick trip to Paris.

Elysa-Luxembourg hotel

Feel the aura of Elysa-Luxembourg hotel in Paris. Great exterior and indoor shots with beauty music will catch your heart. This is a place to spend some time together.

Les Rives De Notre Dame Hotel

Today we have some lovely pics from Les Rives De Notre Dame hotel in Paris. Very nice slideshow, without music or any sound (so it's safe to watch in work).

Hilton Paris

Daughter of famous Hilton hotels owner interviewed in the evening:

24 Hours in Paris, France movie

Travel movie with very close touch of real Paris

Movie from travel

Another beautyful photos from travel to Paris

Hotel Hilton in Paris

Hilton Hotel in Paris, placed very close to Eiffel Tower, only 30 minutes from airports. Placed near Elysian Fields (Champs-Élysée) with beautyful view for Fields of Mars (Champ-de-Mars). Hilton hotel is a great base travel around Paris, visiting museums, monuments and other Paris attractions.

Photos from Paris

And now, let's see some pictures taken in beautyful Paris

Travel to Paris

Let's have a little video-walk aroung Paris!

We will dine out in the evening

We have some advices where to stay and sleep, and what to see in the evening or in the daylight. But what would be a night without a scrumptious supper with your sweetie? As you can guess, there are so many stunning restaurants in Paris, that the only difficult thing is to choose the right one for that night. One cultivating rich culinar traditions of the France or you can taste some brand new trends in meals - whatever you wish. And now our small and subjective choice:

    1. Bistrot d'Hubert - exclusive and recommended for special occasions.
    2. La Table de Joël Robuchon
    3. Alcazar - contemprorary meals
    4. Rouge Tomate - no, not only tomatoes ;)
    5. Chartier - French food
    6. Au Pied de Cochon
    7. La Chine Massena - name says for itself
    8. Astrance - a bit expensive, but worth it price
    9. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon - you can always expect some unusual there
    10. Taillevent - native food

and many more.

Where to stay in Paris

This is highly recommended to find good location, to stay in the night. We will give you some advices now, some recommended places - but the final decision, where to stay is in your hands - so looking for nice and cosy place for you and your girlfriend, following places can make you will be feel like in heaven (this is our private charts, based on personal impressions by visiting them):

    1. Plaza Athenee Hotel - great and rich place, especially for honeymoon. If you like to touch some honeymoon atmosphere, this is a right place.
    2. Les Jardins Du Marais - romantic hotel in heart of Paris, great access to most important places in Paris.
    3. Le Pera - you like Opera? This hotel is near - you have to stay there.
    4. Grand Hotel Leveque
    5. Hôtel Opal
    6. Hôtel Des Mathurins
    7. Splendid Etoille Hotel
    8. Le Bellechasse
    9. Hotel Langlois
    10. Marriott Hotel
    11. Waldorf Madeleine
    12. Hotel Kleber
    13. Warwick Champs-Elysées
    14. Royal Garden Champs Elysées
    15. Le Méridien Etoile
    16. Napoleon Paris
    17. Castille Paris
    18. Sofitel Trocadéro Dokhan's
    19. Les Jardins Du Marais
    20. Sofitel Paris Porte De Sevres
    21. Hôtel Des Mathurins
    22. Villa Beaumarchais
    23. Concorde La Fayette
    24. Hôtel De Castiglione
    25. Normandy Hotel
    26. Hilton Arc de Triomphe ->
    27. Le Marceau Bastille
    28. Villa Lutèce Port Royal
    29. Le Méridien Montparnasse
    30. Novotel Paris Les Halles

The list above could be much longer of course, but we tried to limit it to that places which took our attention the most, and always when we are back in Paris, when we do not like to experiment, just like to have great time, we choose one of that list, and we are sure, our time we will spend there will be wonderful. The list is created in random order and numbers doesn't represent our preferences. Why? Because that's are really lovely places, and it would be extremely difficult to choose best ones.

Night in Paris

Are you looking for weekend escapade with your wife or girlfriend to the most romantic city in the world? It has to be Paris, the capital city of France - county in heart of the Europe. You will spend the most lovely night in your life there and love of any girl will be yours forever, if you prepare it in right way.

First of all, if you will be there in the evening, you have a list of so popular places, that you can't avoid - you have to visit at least one of them, without that you will don't know what the Paris really is, so pick up your choice:

1. Eiffel Tower
2. Champs Elysees
3. Arc de Triomphe
4. Trocadero Square is must to see best external view of the Eiffel Tower
5. Louvre Museum
6. Seine River Cruise
7. Versailles

Ok, enough for now, it is impossible to see everything in one evening, night, weekend - even a whole week is to short. And even if you will go there for a month, you can explore Paris every day discovering unique and breath taking places, squares, parks, streets, restaurants - and friendly and helpful people everywhere you go. It is sure, that single visit will make you feel you want back again and again (so watch out, this is highly addictive city :).

So wide and rich offer for tourists makes it easy to find good way thorough Paris for every wallet.

Our cruise will be countinued, so stay tuned