Do you love Paris, do you like sound of the French language? Then you have to go there and stay even for a short while, for one night. And this became the one of the most beautyful nights in your lifetime.

Gavarni Hotel

Don't want be contemporary anymore? Let's play antiquated one with your queen or king.

Le marquis hotel

Multicultural melting pot where modern and classic line meets elegance and fragile pounce of architecture.

Moliere hotel

Where you can find some positive energy and good vibrations? The Moliere hotel is a free flow of brightness. But watch out! You probably will don't want to stay anywhere else after this visit.

Marriott Rive Gauche hotel

Need to meet someone? Business partner? This is a place for advantageous business negotiations. Let's do some money in good atmosphere.

d'Albe Saint Michel hotel

Tired of classic, old design? d'Albe Saint will offer you a touch of modern interiors for dynamic and active people and affordable prices in the middle of the city. Best for quick trip to Paris.

Elysa-Luxembourg hotel

Feel the aura of Elysa-Luxembourg hotel in Paris. Great exterior and indoor shots with beauty music will catch your heart. This is a place to spend some time together.

Les Rives De Notre Dame Hotel

Today we have some lovely pics from Les Rives De Notre Dame hotel in Paris. Very nice slideshow, without music or any sound (so it's safe to watch in work).

Hilton Paris

Daughter of famous Hilton hotels owner interviewed in the evening: